Social Stories

Social stories help children with autism to read, rehearse, and write in advance what to expect in social situations. Social stories help children with autism to become more independent, maintain routines, and gain knowledge on how to perform an activity, ask for help or respond appropriately to feelings of anger and frustration.


Allows students to have the required and very necessary breaks needed between activities in their day, leisure time also gives each student the opportunity to practice self management skills and make choices of what they want to do during their leisure time.


Music has a therapeutic value and can make a difference in the lives of people by enhancing the quality of life and the psychological, physical, cognitive and social functioning

Art, Craft and Skill Training

This is used as a form of psychotherapy that utilizes art materials and the processes involved.

For Admission

VikasThe Learning Centre admits children in the following groups:

  • Early Intervention (Age : 2 - 5 yrs)
  • Pre Primary (Age : 4 - 6 yrs)
  • Primary (Age : 6 - 9 yrs)
  • Intermediate (Age : 8 - 12 yr)
  • High level (Age : 12 – 14 yrs)
  • NIOS (Age : 14 – above 14 yrs)

The Centre is well equipped with play and educational material with comfortable seating, hygienic facilities and a cheerful ambience. You can fix an appointment through the telephone or through e-mail to meet the Director/Principal who will guide you through the admission process.